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Church - September 16, 2013

Church is the best!
I am sorry my letter this week is short, but it is because I had to respond to emails from family. So it is a good week when you get so many letters that it is hard to get the general letter off to the presses.
All 4 missionaries serving in the Story City Branch spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Elder Fiso, my companion, spoke on Preach My Gospel and the Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel. Elder Theriault, the trainee in Iowa Falls, spoke on the Book of Mormon and bearing testimony to non-members. Elder Morgensen, the trainer in Iowa Falls, spoke on the importance of having a friend in the gospel and strengthening those who already are members. Then I boldly spoke on the necessity of home teaching, and focused around my favorite quote in Preach My Gospel: 
“Missionary work is but home teaching to those who are not now members of the Church, and home teaching is nothing more or less than missionary work to Church members” (Improvement Era, Dec. 1964, 1078).
- President Harold B. Lee
Home and Visiting Teaching are the backbone of the church. They are as necessary to our salvation as missionary work is. Without doing missionary work, we are not helping God fulfil his purpose of "bring[ing] to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39). If we are not helping God, we are not helping ourselves. And if we are not caring and helping God's other children, why would God help us? Just a question to think about.
Elder Zachary R McKenzie
Iowa Des Moines Mission
    D&C 6:34, 36
Doubt Not, Fear Not.
550 Souls to Christ

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