Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another week in Missouri

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a good one. Things feel like they kind of all roll together. It is hard to be a missionary and hard to help the investigators find the truths in the gospel. It is hard to listen, and it's hard. But as I've told many people since I've been here, anything worth doing is hard. If it isn't hard, it isn't worth doing. 

But a mission is worth it. It can be frustrating, but becoming like Christ is the solution. I'm glad He didn't give up. He gave us more blessings than we can imagine.

One thing that I remember a lot is Paul's famous saying, "I'm so confused." My little brother Paul, not Paul the Revelator. :) I get confused a lot and just think of my little brother and how he is 5 and is always "so confused." No matter how confused we are, we can apply and rely on the Doctrine of Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. It is so simple, but it's not easy. If the only thing we know is the Doctrine of Christ, and we follow it, we will be ok.

It is wonderful. Might I recommend everyone to go watch Christ's life and ministry as portrayed in the videos at they are pretty awesome!

Elder Zachary R McKenzie

Iowa Des Moines Mission
    D&C 6:34, 36
Doubt Not, Fear Not.
Faith in 400 for Christ in 2012

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