Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Independence Day - July 9, 2013

"The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord." -Proverbs 16:1
This week has been another good one. Brother Bennett came to church again yesterday with his wife! He told us that when he met his wife 3 years ago, he told her that he was a Mormon, not a very good one, but that he was and he would return eventually. She was alright with that. When we knocked on his door one month ago, his wife answered the door and we asked for him. When she went back and told him that the missionaries were there, the first things that went through his head were "I guess it's time" and "church is at 10." He came yesterday, paid his tithing, and met with the branch president! He said that when we initially came that I had a conviction. That was pretty neat.
We were able to celebrate Independence Day a bit. We were up in Iowa Falls the day before and that morning. We ate at Pizza Ranch Wednesday night (it is a high-quality pizza and chicken restaurant that has buffet hours), only to find out that there was free food a block down. We found that out on Thursday... We had a curfew of 6 o'clock unless we were with a member on the 4th. The member we were thinking of was down by Des Moines that night, so we stayed in. Elder Newhouse has a card game version of "Settlers of Catan." That game is based in medieval times, how grateful I am for the independence and freedom we are able to celebrate and enjoy! We had our "4th of July Branch Picnic" on Saturday, the 6th of July. It was great as we got to know a lot of the members better! It was time well invested. We were able to speak with the Stake President for about 30 minutes at the end (he is in our branch). Even without fireworks our Independence Day celebrations were pretty good. :)
Today I had the opportunity to talk with Elder Herrin, one of my Zone Leaders who will be finishing his mission hext week. He showed me what he has learned and how to apply it and how to get closer to Christ through more effective planning. It was great and I am grateful to implement such incredible counsel.
Charity is the center of everything. I would exhort each of you to implement and study Preach My Gospel in your everyday life. It is not just for missionaries, but every person in the world. Just as the Book of Mormon is not just for members of the "Mormon" Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Elder Zachary R McKenzie
Iowa Des Moines Mission
    D&C 6:34, 36
Doubt Not, Fear Not.
550 Souls to Christ

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