Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Des Moines a little longer - April 22, 2013

I was all super excited with a lot of things on mind to write about, then it all disappeared. Hope this letter is still good for you all to read it.
So we got transfer calls on Saturday. I am staying with Elder Hess for another six weeks. He goes home at the end of this transfer. Therefore I am "killing" him, as his mission life will end while I am his companion. Because of that, I will probably be in Des Moines for another 6 weeks after that, keeping me here until at least middle July. We'll see what happens for sure though.
Some more news. I'm pregnant! In mission terms of course. I was told by President Jergensen that I will be training this transfer. So I am prego until Thursday, until I find out who I will be training. You might be confused about why they are putting 3 missionaries together. It is because the missionary that I will be training is going to be a Visa-Waiter. A Visa-Waiter is kind of self explanatory, it is a missionary that is assigned to another mission, but their visa hasn't come to them yet, making it impossible for them to travel to their intended destination. There will be 10 elders coming to the IDMM en route to the Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission. They put us in a tripanionship because we don't know when the new missionary will receive his visa. I will be sure to keep you updated about who he is and where he's from and such as I have done with my other companions.
I have been recently, for our investigators that love and believe the Bible, studying how both books go hand in hand in testifying of Christ. Initially I was apprehensive because during my first 2 transfers, I was told "the Bible is the Battleground." So I have had that mentality since then. The two books work together in marvelous harmonies that I didn't see before. Like James 1:5 and Moroni 10:3-5. I am learning how to use the Bible, in the right time with the right people, alongside the Book of Mormon. It is really neat and after each study I have learned something new that I can use in my proselyting.
As I read the Book of Mormon in my daily study, (I read one or more chapters each day to begin my personal study) I have been looking to the cross references with my Bible and my Triple Combination as well (I read out of the Book of Mormon from a separate copy, so I have all the standard works available for flipping to different scriptures), while keeping notes in my study journal. It is a very cool, effective way to study. I encourage you to do the same or find something else that works for you!
I love you all! Keep on studying and acting on that faith you have! We met with a "grace junkie" on Saturday. They are those folks that believe that all you have to do is say "I believe you Jesus" or "Jesus save me" and that is all you have to do to be saved and go to heaven. It is kind of annoying. What you can do to come closer to Jesus Christ is follow His doctrine, given by Jesus Christ through God, Our Heavenly Father. Ultimately, we all have to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and each and every one of our lives will be aligned with God's will for you as you accept and apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
It is great as I have begun to do this in my life! It is a lifelong process. In the words of Nephi "if ye shall be obedient to the commandments, and endure to the end, ye shall be saved at the last day. And thus it is. Amen" (1 Nephi 22:31). I add my testimony to his. It does work. Because I am changing. :)
Elder Zachary R McKenzie
Iowa Des Moines Mission
    D&C 6:34, 36
Doubt Not, Fear Not.
Nothing Less than 550

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